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They exist!
September 24, 2016
They exist!
It may not be a worldwide discovery for some, it is to me! Jonagored. Many years ago, say over 15-17, way before I’ve moved to Amsterdam I use to live in the Hague, South of Holland. Among variety of fruits offered by local supermarkets I fancied most Jonagored appels. There are not many choices of […]
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Roses…lost & found
December 11, 2015
Roses…lost & found
Forgotten, lost, thrown away or hidden? While walking out my dogs just before midnight I found them, these beautiful roses laying under a tree in front of my building. I wouldn’t expect anyone to come back for them, these beauties. Tho, keep wondering what is their story. How did they end up laying under a […]
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People who inspire us
December 3, 2015
“We are who we are” – we may say often. But who are we? What makes us who we are? In the layers of our personalities lay the bricks of people who inspires us. Some of them we chose, some of them we don’t tho all of them have had a great deal of influence […]
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Fun Sunday
June 1, 2015
May, 31st. what a wonderful day! Very excited since morning went to the open day at jewelry wholesale shop to check the latest products and to purchase the stuff I need for my work. so many things to touch, feel and considerate. I got some really good stuff and can not wait to work with […]
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Bags Museum Amsterdam
February 8, 2015
More than 5.000 bags     The Museum of Bags and Purses has a collection of more than 5.000 bags and purses. When you visit us, please take your time and don’t forget to treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee or lunch in our lovely Museum Restaurant.             […]