They exist!
September 24, 2016

It may not be a worldwide discovery for some, it is to me! Jonagored.

Many years ago, say over 15-17, way before I’ve moved to Amsterdam I use to live in the Hague, South of Holland. Among variety of fruits offered by local supermarkets I fancied most Jonagored appels. There are not many choices of appels in the Netherlands and among these few kinds there are also Jonagold appels which taste less appealing to me thenĀ Jonagored.
And then there was a moment when Jonagored appels just disappeared. Yes! like many of my favorite food items they were just gone from the supermarkets. For years, I was looking for them on the local markets, in the bio shops, supermarkets, never to be found.
And then there came a moment when I started to doubt… did they ever exist? were they not a product of my wild imagination? The question kept me busy for a long time, just on the edge of becoming an obsession.
Yesterday was the Day. The day I’ve found them laying in a fruit booth of a localĀ farmer just a mile away from my place.

“They exist!” The proof of my sanity and the end of a long search for my favorite appels.

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