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Roses…lost & found
December 11, 2015

Forgotten, lost, thrown away or hidden?

While walking out my dogs just before midnight I found them, these beautiful roses laying under a tree in front of my building.

I wouldn’t expect anyone to come back for them, these beauties. Tho, keep wondering what is their story. How did they end up laying under a tree. My imagination could feel up the gaps but it won’t.

One thing for sure, they did not deserve to die out there so here they are, standing in front of me, filling my heart with joy every time I look at them. And that’s the end of their story else where and the beginning of their tale here with me.


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  • sikis izle says:

    Su blog es un éxito, muy completo. Ahhh cuando la pasión está ahí, todo es 🙂

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